Online Teaching Resources

Monsters in the Living Room!
Monsters in the Kitchen!
Monsters in the Bedroom!
Monsters in the bathroom!
Nurse Bites Shark!
Video-based: Carrot Crazy!
Quiz: What is the fruit?
Quiz: Movie Taglines
Extreme Weather Trailer
Mr Bean Cooks Pasta
Conversation Questions - Food 1
Conversation Questions - Travel 1
Conversation Questions - Movies 1
Extreme Sports
Photo Compare 1 - People Doing Things
Logged Off
Spot the Difference: Octopuses!
Spot the Difference: In the Park!
Cats in the Living Room
Cats in the Kitchen
Cats in the Bedroom
Cats in the Bathroom
Quiz: Facial Features
Photo compare - Reading vs. Phone Games
Omelette | Story Telling Activity
Write the Word - Monster Feelings
Quiz: Monster Feelings
Spot the Difference - In the Forest

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