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renovation (n.) /ren.əˈveɪ.ʃən/
the action or process of reparing and improving something, especially a building

We use the passive voice when the person, animal, or thing that performs or performed an action is unimportant, unknown or not necessary.

The passive is formed using be + past participle verb (verb 3).

The passive voice is often used to talk about renovations such as the one above.

TASK: Make 8 sentences using the passive voice to describe the renovations in the photos above.

  1. windows / finish
  2. three windows / put in the dividing wall
  3. all walls / paint white
  4. spotlights / install
  5. a wooden floor / lay
  6. kitchen cupboards / fit
  7. building equipment / remove
  8. the floor / vacuum
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  1. The windows have been finished.
  2. Three windows have been put in the dividing wall.
  3. All walls have been painted white.
  4. Spotlights have been installed.
  5. A wooden floor has been laid.
  6. Kitchen cupboards have been fitted.
  7. The building equipment has been removed.
  8. The floor has been vacuumed.
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