Hear it straight from the horse's mouth!

[English idiom] When you hear something (straight) from the horse’s mouth, you get hear information from someone who has direct personal knowledge of it.

Another excellent class with Fiona! Next class we will keep practicing some structures to answers some important questions for international tests. See you next class!
A, Brazil

I love to go to Fiona’s lesson every week . It would be very fun and interesting lesson today. Fiona prepares and designs her new teaching methods today. Also, I am very enjoyable to her lesson and can not wait to go next lesson again. More importantly, I can learn lots of new vocabulary .It helps me to improve my grammar , speaking and listening this lesson.
W, China

It was a useful lesson. We practiced grammar which we had studied the previous time and then studied conditionals. As always I’m already looking forward to next lesson.
E, Russia

Fiona has always been helpful and flexible. She provides me with the necessary materials and she is able to help me solve my problems with creative solutions.
S, Hong Kong

I really liked our second lesson! Thank you so much Fiona! We spent an amazing time. I always deeply appreciate the fact of using extra materials during the lessons (such as articles, videos and so on) instead of boring tasks and I was glad to have a lesson like this one. Also, I want to mention that I was amazed by the fact how Fiona drew my attention ONLY to the words and phrases which I hadn’t heard of! I mean it was so great that she was able to understand my level and didn’t waste our time explaining simple grammar and vocabulary.
P, Russia



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