Greta Thunberg

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Teacher’s Guide
  • Slide 1: Hello, how are you, brief self introductions if needed.
  • Slide 2: Ask learner to describe the image. Ask them what they think it represents. Try to elicit the idea of climate change.
  • Slide 3: Definition of climate change.
  • Slide 4: Opinion. Check learner understands the meaning of a scam.
    Extra: Talk about scams – have they ever been the victim of a scam? Have they ever heard of any online scams?
  • Slide 5: Learner gives their opinion using the phrases shown. Encourage them to give reasons for their opinion.
    Extra: Follow line to read opposing opinions on
  • Slide 6: Ask learner to describe the image. If neccessary, ask questions to prompt further ideas. e.g. Where do you think she is? What is she talking about?
  • Slide 7: (If they don’t know) tell learner that the girl is Greta Thunberg – a young environmental activist. Check/intro. meaning of environmental activist.
  • Slide 8: Make the headline. Help as needed. i.e. identify which word is a verb, help them find the subject, and so on. Discuss meaning of headline.
  • Slide 9: Vocabulary: Match the words to the definitions
  • Slide 10: Reading: Read. Find the words in the article (you can click on the words in the article). Check learners understanding of text.
    Optional: Ask learner what they think Greta means by saying, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”
  • Slides 11 & 12: Read. Find the words in the article. Check learners understanding of text.
  • Slide 13: Read. Find the words in the article. Check learners understanding of text. Higher levels: Ask learner what the writer’s point of view on climate change and Greta Thunberg is. (They write, ‘With justifiable emotion in her speech,’ which suggests they believe climate change is an issue and that they are supportive of Greta Thunberg.)
  • Slides 14 & 15: Discuss with learner.
  • Slide 16: Review vocabulary.
  • Slide 17 – 19: Discuss with learner.
  • Slide 20: Summary
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