Hi Grandma!

Happy new year – it was lovely to see you and say hello at Christmas. I follow the Silvermere Facebook page and see photos of you so I thought I would send you some photos! I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my life here in Cambodia.

Photos (click the image to expand)
1,2 – My Garden and Jameson’s (cat) outside area
3 – A table I made
4 – The house that I am turning into a cafe/bar with a dog playground
5 – My youngest dog, Yvie, in the doorway of my little house.
6 – Cambodia has cheese!
7 – My dogs, Pra and Yvie, sitting on the porch
8 – My cat Jamerson
9 – Me & Yvie

I am well and I hope you are too,
Lots of love, Fiona

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